Hosting an International Exchange Student


Jeannie Spring, from West Chester, Ohio, is one of our dedicated CETUSA Managers and a seasoned placement coordinator.  She was inspired recently to share her thoughts on the amazing impact of international exchange on host families and the students themselves.  Here are Jeannie’s thoughts…

“I am so thankful for all the wonderful host families I’ve had the privilege of knowing through these years. Each one of them made a decision to take their family on an awesome adventure—–they decided to step up, in faith, to open their homes and hearts to an international teenager.  And, for the vast majority, they would tell anyone that it was, indeed, worth it.  It has changed their family forever.  When the time comes for the student to go home, the host family has a new son or daughter, and the student has his/her second forever family—-their American family.

Being a coordinator allows me to witness and participate in a unique period for these young men and women (15-18 years old).  The students who come to the U. S. on an exchange are magnificent and gifted young people.  Their English transforms unbelievably. Most leave the U. S. as fluent English-speaking youth.

[The students] arrive in the U. S. each fall as teenagers who are so excited to be here and also pretty apprehensive at the same time.  They don’t know what anyone is saying to them for the first few days until they begin to adjust a little bit to hearing English most of the time. They arrive as kids who have always had their parents to guide and make decisions for them.

At the end of their placement, they go home as young adults who have had to learn to make decisions on their own and to be able to survive in the world without their natural family close by. They exude confidence. They have learned a whole new way of life—the American Way.”

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