J-1 Program Host Company Testimonials

What our hosts had to say about…

…their J/1 Participants performance

“[The participant] came ready to learn and quickly joined the team by helping every step of the way. She was a great asset and brought a very cal, personality to the group dynamic. [She] was always ready, willing and able to help.”Luxury resort, Miami Beach
“Simon goes above and beyond his daily duties. He always tries to accomplish things on time and succeeds. He comes up with ideas to better [the host company].”Culinary arts Program, Ohio
“Jueun is a strong designer and has become a highly respected member of our team. People enjoy collaborating with her and appreciate her positive attitude and refined aesthetic.”Industrial and product design program, San Francisco, California
“Prateek did a fantastic job growing to take on more and more responsibilities over the course of his internship. Over the past year, he started owning all of our client libraries, and re-worked the mobile integration for both the iOS and Android libraries so that we can support integrations that are loaded on the fly. He helped slice the size of our SDK by making all integrations opt-in. And he helped build a system for running nightly builds, profiled our tracking API, and most recently started leading the effort to build data sources.”Computer Science Program, San Francisco, California
“Patrick consistently carried out his work efficiently and in a professional manner. He was always happy to help out with asked, and got along well with both his fellow interns, and the staff.”Public Administration and law program, Washington DC
“Prateek exceeded the original scope of the training plan by helping out in other critical areas. He did a good job, I think he set a good precedent for future J-1 candidates.”Computer Science Program, San Francisco, California

…if they found the J-1 Program to be beneficial

“Yes. We love the multicultural team which is always able to help a travelling guest feel at home. We learn a great deal of each other and our cultures making all of us better at serving and understanding guest needs.”Luxury resort, Miami Beach
“It was great to have somebody…who has a different point of view on our processes. Alessio was also great in problem solving and root cause analysis, a skill set we can improve a lot.”Artesanal treat company, California
“It has been a fruitful experience, and I hope that it can be replicated in the future with a similarly apt candidate.”

…about things that didn’t work well during the period

“Never enough time!”Luxury resort, Miami Beach
“The only comment I have to make here is that I wish we could have extended the programme so we could keep David around for longer! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful program. I am very grateful to have been a part of it.”Financial Advising agency, New York
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