Living the Dream with a CETUSA Internship

Brennan is living true to his mission: “Globally ambitious adventurer looking for the best way to better the world. From Aus, to Silicon Valley.”  Brennan landed in Silicon Valley, through an internship sponsored by CETUSA, with Meta, a start up tech firm that is developing “augmented-reality glasses”.  Not only is the technology cutting edge, the business culture is also pretty unbelievable!  Brennan shared this video of a typical Friday at Meta HQ

and these thoughts about his experience:

(CETUSA) Why did you want to have a work experience in the US?

(Brennan) The US has the world’s leading tech scene. I wanted to see how the best made it work and be trained by the best!

(CETUSA) Has your experience dispelled any preconceived ideas you had about the US?

(Brennan) The US is full of beautiful landscapes and people! Previously, I had no idea about the natural wonderlands this country possesses – I was only aware of the industries and cities.

(CETUSA) What has been the most significant work experience you have had at Meta?

(Brennan) There have been too many significant experiences to only highlight one. I have witnessed many life changing moments in the history of technology. From the launch of the first true AR glasses, to sitting along side countless famous professors and professionals – each the leader in their respected fields.

You can follow Brennan’s adventures through his YouTube Channel and his blog.