CETUSA Announces High School Study Abroad Opportunities

Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA) announces their 2016-2017 study abroad high school program “Experience the World, Discover Yourself” for American students with study abroad opportunities in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and the UK. There are short-term, semester and academic year programs offered with no prior language requirements for many locations. Scholarship opportunities reflect CETUSA’s commitment to making this experience achievable for as many students as possible.

High school study abroad is a unique opportunity for experiential learning through immersion in language and culture. American students live with host families and attend local high schools under the supervision of partner agencies in the host country. Students have the opportunity to fully engage in their host country community and to experience life as a “local”.

Studying abroad as a high school student provides not only a challenging academic experience but also an opportunity to grow as an individual. Students gain a sense of independence and confidence that benefits them throughout life and career. Study abroad experience adds a valuable new dimension to college applications and career resumes. Students also develop relationships with their host families and communities that last a lifetime.

“Just knowing that you are doing something that not very many people do is amazing. It makes you prouder, stronger, and makes you appreciate everything you have.” – Emily, studied abroad in Italy 2014-2015

Interested students and their parents should contact CETUSA to find out more about the numerous opportunities for study abroad. Visit http://www.cetusa.org/study-abroad, email studyabroad(at)cetusa(dot)org or call 888-CETUSA5 (888-238-8725)

About CETUSA: CETUSA’s commitment to building international bridges and supporting lifelong learning spans 20 years. CETUSA is a not-for-profit international student exchange organization coordinating exchange experiences for high school students, university students and young professionals with a mission “to encourage a lifelong journey of global peace and understanding” for the students, host families and communities that are part of the exchange experience. CETUSA is a US Department of State Exchange Visitor (J-1 visa) sponsor organization and a full listing member of the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).

CETUSA is also a commitment partner with the Generation Study Abroad initiative. Generation Study Abroad sustains an ongoing dialogue about the need for more students from all backgrounds and in all fields to gain international experience. CETUSA has committed to providing scholarship opportunities and to doubling the number of American students studying abroad through CETUSA programs. For more information, http://www.iie.org/Programs/Generation-Study-Abroad.