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Students who come to the U.S. on our High School Program are placed with a host family. CETUSA host families are volunteers who provide safe and loving homes for our students during their semester or academic year in the U.S. Students hope to be included as a part of the family and to live as American teenagers.

Become a volunteer host family

assets_home_host_a_student_kelly_2“We choose to host exchange students to broaden the horizons of our young children. We want them to know that the world is big with many wonderful cultures. Our boys have embraced that. They love looking at the map of the world to point out where our exchange students call home.”
– Kelly Leipprandt

Host family responsibilities

By opening their homes and their hearts to our exchange students, host families are helping to break down cultural barriers and bring our world closer together, one relationship at a time.

  • Providing a separate bed for the student and a place to study
  • Providing family meals
  • Providing some transportation to activities and events
  • Guiding and assisting their new family member as they adapt to their new surroundings
  • Sharing American culture and their family traditions

Students arrive with medical coverage and a monthly allowance from their natural parents that covers school expenses, toiletries, entertainment, etc.

Host family benefits

The benefits of hosting an exchange students are many and varied, but here are a few:

  • Gives you an opportunity to learn about other cultures and customs first-hand.
  • Encourages you to grow closer to your family while developing a lasting connection with your new exchange son/daughter.
  • Opens doors for your own children to participate in exchange programs.
  • Allows you to see your culture and traditions with new eyes.
  • Gives you a chance to help a young person grow into a more confident, mature and world savvy adult.
  • Gives your child an edge on the future! Hosting looks great on college and employment applications!

Begin your application today to become a host family!

For more information or to find out who your local coordinator is, please contact us!

“Hosting exchange students is my way of having a larger family! At one time in my much younger years, I thought I wanted six kids. Well, we have two American kids, and also ten more kids from Germany, Italy, South Korea and Spain!  We love being a multicultural family :)”
– Melissa Sherlock

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