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Whether you’re eager to embark on a transformative journey as an intern or trainee, looking to enrich your team with international talent as a host company, or seeking to forge meaningful partnerships in the realm of cultural exchange, we have tailored options to suit your aspirations and goals. Explore our diverse opportunities below and take the first step towards an exciting adventure with us.

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Program Purpose

Our Trainee and Intern programs, guided by 22 CFR 62.22, aim to enhance participants’ skills and knowledge in their academic or occupational fields through structured, guided work-based training and internship experiences. Rooted in the Fulbright-Hays Act’s objective, our programs encourage participants to share their American experiences upon returning home. It’s essential to note that these programs are not intended for ordinary employment or simply gaining work experience; they’re strictly for on-the-job training and supervised learning. 

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Program Objectives

All CETUSA Training and Internship Programs target four goals for program participants:

Occupational Categories

CETUSA can sponsor training or internship programs in a variety of industries and businesses, within the following occupational fields:

Program Durations

The J-1 Visa offers a variety of exchange visitor programs, each with specific durations to suit different educational and professional development needs:

  • J-1 Intern Programs: These programs can last for up to 12 months. They are designed to provide current students or recent graduates from foreign post-secondary institutions with practical experience in their field of study.

  • J-1 Trainee Programs: These programs can extend up to 18 months. They are intended for professionals with a degree or professional certificate and at least one year of work experience, or those with five years of work experience in their field. However, for hospitality and tourism training programs, the maximum duration is limited to 12 months.

These durations ensure that participants have ample time to gain valuable skills and knowledge that they can bring back to their home countries, fostering international understanding and cooperation.

Program Options

CETUSA offers two program options:

  • CETUSA Placement: For program applicants who do not have a confirmed training/internship in the U.S. and are seeking placement assistance from CETUSA.
  • Self Placement: For program applicants who have a confirmed training/internship in the U.S. and are seeking a program sponsor.

For additional information about CETUSA’s program options, please visit stakeholder specific pages. 

Cultural Exchange

CETUSA’s Intern/Trainee Program places a strong emphasis on cultural exchange, recognizing its vital role in fostering global understanding and mutual respect.

For interns and trainees, this means experiencing American culture firsthand through community engagement and various cultural activities, enriching their personal and professional lives. Host companies benefit from the infusion of diverse perspectives, which enhances workplace creativity and inclusivity. Partner organizations contribute to and gain from a network dedicated to promoting cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration.

By prioritizing cultural exchange, our program ensures that all stakeholders not only achieve their professional goals but also build lasting connections and understanding across cultures.