Study Abroad in Sweden

Sweden is situated in Scandinavia and shares a border with Finland and Norway. Sweden is roughly the size of the state of California with less than three percent of it developed. Sweden’s population is 9.7 million with two million people under the age of eighteen, of which fifteen percent are born in another country. Sweden is a country of the “midnight sun”. This means that at the northernmost part of Sweden, the sun does not set for 56 days in the summer. Conversely, the sun does not shine for 32 days in the winter. The climate in Sweden is relatively mild along the south coast due to the gulf-stream. The west coast sees more snow with the far north being snowy and cold with short but warm summers.

Swedes are innovators and believe in freedom with responsibility. Swedes enjoy the Right of Public Access which allows anyone to walk, hike, swim or boat across anyone else’s property with the responsibility to do so with care and consideration.

The Nobel Prize Award Ceremony happens every year in Stockholm on December 10th where the Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, and Literature receive a medal from the King of Sweden, as well as a diploma and a cash award. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo on the same day.

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Program Details

  • Must be between the ages of 16 and 18
  • No language requirement
  • Placed with volunteer host family


  • Academic Year: Sept – June
  • Fall Semester: Sept – Jan
    Soft Landing Camp: Not available due to the pandemic
  • Spring Semester: Jan – June
  • 3 month Fall program: Sept –Dec
    Soft Landing Camp: Not available due to the pandemic
  • 3 month Spring program: Jan– April
  • 2 month Fall program: Sept – Nov
    Soft Landing Camp: Not available due to the pandemic
  • 2 month Spring program: Jan – March
  • Fall Application Deadline: April 1st
  • Spring Application Deadline: October 1st
  • Academic Year – $7,500
  • Semester – $7,300
  • 3 months – $4,500
  • 2 months – $4,300

Required International Health/Liability Insurance:

  • Academic Year – $660
  • Semester – $390
  • 3 months – $300
  • 2 months – $200

$1700 deposit due with application

Optional additions:
– Soft Landing Camp in Copenhagen – $560
– Metro Guarantee– $900
– Regional Guarantee– $615
– Sports Guarantee– $280

**Prices are subject to change**

Program Includes

Public high school acceptance

Volunteer host family placement

Visa support documents

Pre-departure orientation

Airport pick up

Local orientation upon arrival

Monitoring and supervision by local partner while in Sweden

24-hour emergency support

Program Does Not Include

International airfare

Domestic transportation to host family and within Sweden

School textbooks and lunches

Extracurricular expenses for clubs, sports, etc.

Passport/visa/resident card fees

Personal spending money

High School System

Swedish compulsory schooling consists of three stages: lågstadiet (years 1–3), followed by mellanstadiet (years 4–6) and then högstadiet (years 7–9). Gymnasium (upper secondary school or high school, years 10–12) is optional. There are 18 regular national programs of three years to choose from, six of which are preparatory for higher education such as university and twelve of which are vocational.

Charter schools are growing in Sweden. Parents are allowed to choose the school they would like for their child to attend and the state funding follows the child.

*While there is no language requirement for our program, students should make every attempt to become familiar with the local language before arrival and continue to study while in the country. Classes will be taught in Swedish. English is widely understood and spoken in Scandinavia.