Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from our High School Program at CETUSA!

The View from My Window

The novel coronavirus has changed daily life for everyone. Some participants, who are training at [...]

What’s Training in Stowe, Vermont like?

Samantha is a young professional in the Hospitality and Tourism industry from the Philippines. Her [...]


Tips to write a great resume for your J-1 application

If you are considering to apply for an Internship or Trainee program, then learning on [...]

Filing Taxes as J-1 Exchange Visitor

Tax season is known as the time when people and businesses prepare to file their [...]

Tremendous development!

From Jamaica to Tennessee is the road that Mikael Mckellop took a year ago when [...]

United in Stride: CETUSA takes a bite out of the Big Apple

In early November, CETUSA offered me the incredible opportunity to visit New York City for [...]

Training for a Team

The Trainee and Internship program is a great opportunity to learn and get involved in [...]

Running for an experience!!!

CETUSA is very proud of what our participants do to immerse themselves in the American [...]

My experience in USA

I would like to start by sharing the fact that while I was in college, [...]