What’s Training in Stowe, Vermont like?

Samantha is a young professional in the Hospitality and Tourism industry from the Philippines. Her training focus is on Culinary Arts, and as Samantha’s career grew, she decided to participate in the Trainee program at a well-known lodge located in Stowe, Vermont in order to gain the best possible training in her field.

What is something that you have learned in your host company that you didn’t know before? Do you think what you have learned will be useful for your future career goals? 

I have been inspired by my Pastry Chef, Jessica Quiet, about ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM. We have been bombed by banquets, coffee shop and restaurant pastry and dessert orders. As a matter of fact we made 13,000 pastries for the Christmas and New Year with just 5 people! Chef has been a great leader and motivator to her team members. I believe that organizing things to do in an everyday basis and a good game plan is the secret of a successful day. We dream to succeed each day because we know that we have a good and a happy pastry team. 

What has been the most interesting thing that you have learned about American culture? 

FREEDOM has always been number one! Everyone is free for whatever they want to do. Engaging to whatever activities they want to and people who they want to be. But at the same time being responsible to whatever consequence it would give them.
EQUALITY not just for gender but also equality for the opportunity for work. Culinary and Baking industry are living examples of equality. 

What is the most common thing that people ask about your country and that you feel happy to mention?

STRONG WORK ETHIC: I am happy that most of other people that I worked with are saying that we, Philippines has strong work ethic. They see us that we can do tasks properly and we can finish it on time, we go beyond expectations, does more than what is asked and most especially, we are dedicated to work. 

What is something that you have discovered by living an exchange experience in the USA?

It was actually my American Dream to be included in this training program where now I find myself happy to discover my interest about American culture”.

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