CETUSA sources internship and training opportunities within the United States for foreign nationals wishing to grow within their chosen career field. Each employer is vetted by CETUSA and most have participated in the program multiple times.

Explore the opportunities below. Remember, you must apply for positions that are directly related to your educational background or work experience.

Q. Will I be placed with a host company?

A. We cannot guarantee a placement for all applicants interested in our programs. We do our best, however, the needs of businesses, skills possessed by different applicants, and the number of available positions in certain fields often determines different outcomes.

Q. Does CETUSA seek positions specifically for me?

A. Due to the large number of applicants, CETUSA cannot conduct outreach to find specific programs for specific applicants. CETUSA has a frequently updated list of available positions that applicants can check weekly. If you are interested, let us know, and we will happily recommend you for any suitable program.

Q. How long can I expect to wait for interviews?

A. Depending on the field and program availability, the process may take one week, or it may take several weeks. For example, hospitality positions move quickly, whereas positions in the business or engineering fields may take more time. We cannot guarantee that all applicants will be interviewed within a certain time frame.

Q. How can I make the process more efficient?

A. Before recommending applicants for interviews, CETUSA must ensure that applicants’ profiles are complete and that they have uploaded all necessary documents to verify program eligibility. By preparing in this way, CETUSA can recommend you sooner.

Q. Will the hiring manager provide feedback on my interview if I am not selected?

A. Not always. Due to the large number of applicants, most hiring managers do not provide feedback or explain their applicant selection preference despite our requests to provide comments.

Q. Can I negotiate a higher stipend during the interview?

A. In most cases, companies have a limited budget for internship/training. However, you may discuss the compensation terms with the hiring manager during an interview.

Q. Can I get a second job during the program to supplement my income?

A. Any outside employment is strictly prohibited by program regulations and is illegal.

Q. I have a friend who is also an applicant, what are the chances we get placed together or near each other?

A. Due to the individual nature of our programs, the chances of two applicants being placed together are low. Even if there are several positions at one company and both get selected, there is always a risk of visa denial. Applicants who are unprepared to travel alone on the program should be discouraged from applying.

Q. I want to be in a specific city, but there are no positions listed on your website in that city. What should I do?

A. CETUSA does not reach out to find individualized programs for single applicants. Your applicant may wish to try securing a position in their preferred city on their own—CETUSA can provide some aid, such as support letters, in this process.

Q. I cannot find a program in my occupational category on the website. When can I expect to see one?

A. It is hard to predict which positions will become available and when. Hospitality positions tend to appear more frequently, whereas business and STEM positions are scarcer and more competitive.

Q. I want to apply for a position, but with a later start date. Will the company wait?

A. Some host companies may be more flexible with the start date than others. Please contact the CETUSA Placement team for specific details.

Q. How often do you update your website with new programs?

A. On average, every 3-7 business days. We recommend frequent visits to our website for program updates.

Q. Do you have other programs which are not listed on your website?

A. No, CETUSA advertises all current programs on the website.

Q. If I send you my CV, will you arrange my interview right away?

A. Only screened applicants can be recommended for interviews. You must submit your eligibility documents to our database first. To see which documents are required, please reference the CETUSA Participant Handbook.

Q. Does CETUSA charge me fees for participating in an interview with their host company?

A. CETUSA does not charge fees for participating in an interview with the hiring manager. However, if you are offered a position, accept it in writing and then cancel, a cancellation fee will apply.

Q. How long does it take to find out the interview results and if I was selected?

A. Sometimes the hiring manager provides feedback right after the interview, but if several applicants are interviewed for the same position, the decision may take several days. In some cases, there will be a follow up interview and/or technical assignments provided before the decision is made.

Q. What are the top reasons why some applicants are chosen to be interviewed over others?

A. Some of the top reasons include a professional CV appearance and video introduction, English skills, and technical skills (software, portfolio of projects/past work).

Q. I have a spouse and a child I want to bring on the program on the J-2 status. Is this feasible?

A. Most CETUSA programs provide an entry-level stipend. Due to the high costs of living in the U.S. and the funding requirements for J-1 / J-2 applicants, most CETUSA Placement programs are unable to provide the necessary financial support or accommodations for families to ensure a successful program. CETUSA will advise you on the funding requirement and may recommend that you search for a suitable placement on their own.

Q. Can I continue working for the U.S. company after my program is finished?

A. No. All participating host companies are aware of the conditions of the program, and you must return home at the end of your internship or training.

Q. The program offer indicates that no housing assistance is provided. What do I need to do to find housing?

A. The CETUSA Participant Handbook provides extensive information on housing and how to approach a housing search. CETUSA staff are available to provide additional guidance if requested. Each applicant is responsible to search, locate, and secure their own housing for the program and reserve temporary accommodations prior to their arrival.

Q. Will the company help pay for housing or living expenses?

A. Unless the program offer specified additional benefits, most companies only offer a stipend that helps cover housing and living expenses. Not all programs provide a sufficient stipend to cover all living expenses, as those largely depend on an individual’s spending habits. The applicant is required to have additional savings in case their spending exceeds their stipend income (see the CETUSA Participant Handbook for more details).

Q. When will I know the name of the host company in the position description?

A. To protect confidentiality between the host company and CETUSA, host company names will only be revealed once you are selected for an interview.

Q. How many times will my documents be screened?

A. There will be two instances where a full document screening is done; once before interview recommendations, done by the CETUSA placement team, and one final review will be conducted by the CETUSA operations team before you are confirmed for J-1 sponsorship.

Available Training & Internship Positions

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Las Vegas, NV
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Bethesda, CA, Chicago, IL, Washington, D.C.
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