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Introducing Global Competency as a 21st Century Skill

As our public schools work towards relevancy in our children’s education, “global competency” and “cross [...]

Generation Study Abroad – Getting Started

CETUSA is proud to be a commitment partner in the Generation Study Abroad initiative.  This [...]

Alternate Reality

I will never forget my time spent in Ecuador.  I am so thankful to CET [...]

Feet on the equator

Our first day in Ecuador was absolutely amazing! We are in awe of the majestic [...]

And what about the volcano?

I’m so excited for this trip!  We leave tomorrow!  I’ve been busy working with students [...]

Spanish teacher on the loose in Ecuador

As I am preparing for my trip to Ecuador, I am so grateful to CET [...]

Teachers Traveling for a Cause – Christy

  Christy Tripp-Arkema –  ESL teacher, Byron Center High School and Middle School, Byron Center, [...]

Teachers Traveling for a Cause – Amanda

Learning by experience is one of the fundamental aspects of international exchange.  While we often [...]