And what about the volcano?

ecuador city image

I’m so excited for this trip!  We leave tomorrow!  I’ve been busy working with students from Spain this summer and have not had time to prepare or plan for Ecuador.  I’m a last-minute person anyway, so today as my husband drove us home from church I researched a little bit about Ecuador.  We learned that Ecuador has the same currency as the U.S., which is awesome!  We also learned that things are really cheap in Ecuador, and that we should bring rolls of quarters and lots of dollar bills, because people won’t have change for “big bills” like $5 bills.  🙂

There is some concern over a volcano that erupted just south of Quito and also rioting over the current president’s decision to run for a 4th term.  I’m not worried, but do need to learn more about these things during our travel day tomorrow.  I’m excited to become educated on many aspects of a whole new country throughout this trip.  I have never been to anywhere in South America yet, and I am so pumped to learn about Ecuador!

During the trip we visit a school in an impoverished area, which will be the crux of the trip.  I really don’t know what to expect.  I’ve been to impoverished areas before in other parts of the world, but not to a school that is currently in session.  I’d like to hear stories and meet people whose lives have been changed because of access to education.

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