Tips to write a great resume for your J-1 application

If you are considering to apply for an Internship or Trainee program, then learning on how to write an American-style resume is your first step.

What to consider before writing your resume?

The resume should not be longer than one page. Make sure to use correct English terminology to avoid grammar mistakes, list your education and work experience by starting with your most recent experience. Most importantly, what you really want to accomplish is showing your potential host company that you are a very professional person who is really interested in the trainee or internship opportunity.

Tip 1: Design

Simple templates are the best to make an impression when host companies read your resume. We want to provide you with a sample resume that includes more guidance on how to write it, but there are a lot of online templates that you can search for and use as well.

Tip 2: Tailor it

Writing your objective with a three sentences statement can say it all. This is the opportunity to show what you know about the industry and what you are looking to learn on this program.

Be consistent when you are describing your education and work experience, especially when copying over dates of employment or graduation.

Listing your duties in your work experience is important. List only the relevant information and make sure you have your reference letters from the organization that you are mentioning.

Start with the most recent and relevant information in both education and work experience.

Tip 3: Call attention to other achievements

Highlight your achievements in your education, experience, career, volunteer work, etc.

List of your skills and qualifications. Have you taken any English tests? Do you have any extra certifications?

Tip 4: Before submitting

Before submitting, double-check that the information you are providing is correct, especially dates.

Read your resume one more time before you submit it.

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