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"I always thought when I hosted, I was changing the students lives, but after numerous students...I realized they are changing mine."
--Patricia Snider

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  • Hanne from NORWAY
    Age: 16 Gender: F
    Program: Full Year (10 Months)
    Student ID: 14232

    Hello! My name is Hanne and I am from Norway. I am happy and honored to be spending my 12th grade year with you and your family. I am an A- student with 8 years of English. I also scored an 8 out of 10 on my English Oral Interview. I am not religious but would be willing to attend church with you and your family weekly. I enjoy many activities like cooking, basketball, going to the movies, skiing and photography. I currently work as a babysitter for my siblings and the kids in my neighborhood. I am an active, responsible student. I am very excited to meet new friends at school and grow close with my host family at the same time.

  • Marcos from SPAIN
    Age: 16 Gender: M
    Program: Full Year (10 Months)
    Student ID: 14079

    Hello - My name is Marcos and I am from Spain. I will be entering the 12th grade with an A average. I have had 10 years of English and my English Oral Interview is 7 out of 10 with a SLEP of 56. I am Catholic and willing to attend services weekly. I enjoy american football, attending sporting events, baseball, basketball, bicycling, board/card games, chess, going to movies, golf, hiking, running, sailing, soccer, swimming, tennis, visiting museums, volleyball, and volunteerism. I am very close to my parents, brother and they are important part of my life. I am a sporty and have been swimming since I was 3 years old and love soccer. I am creative, honest and responsible. I look forward to meeting and being part of my American host family!

  • Prinporn from THAILAND
    Age: 15 Gender: F
    Program: Full Year (10 Months)
    Student ID: 14041

    Hello! My name is Pim and I am from Thailand. I will be spending my 11th grade year with you. My average grades are B+ and I have had 10 years of English. My English Oral Interview is 7 out of 10 with a SLEP of 50. I am Buddhist but willing to attend with my host family monthly. I am patient, honest and am positive thinking. I would like to learn more languages, be a travel agent, and I am also interested in hotel management. I feel recycling is important. I volunteered at a kindergarten and learned that it took patience and understanding for children. I have a dog, and I like to read and watch movies. I collect stamps and coins also caring, thoughtful quite independent. I also enjoy bicycling, cooking, going to movies, reading, singing, swimming, visiting museums, and volunteerism.

  • Anel from KAZAKHSTAN
    Age: 17 Gender: F
    Program: Full Year (10 Months)
    Student ID: 14366

    Hello! My name is Urazova, and I am from Kazakhstan. I am excited about coming to America for 12th grade. I am a B student and have studied English for 4 years and Russian for 11 years. I scored 7 of 10 on my English Oral Interview. I am non-religious, but will attend church willingly with my host family on the holidays. Education is a priority for me, as I want to continue my schooling, but many activities also interest me: music, hip-hop and modern dance, attending sporting events, singing, snow skiing, and swimming. I'm good at photography and have done some photo shoots for promotions here. I plan to take many photos of American life and culture to share when I return home. I am eager to meet you and become one of your family. I hope our friendship becomes a lifelong bond.

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