High School Program

CETUSA’s High School Program allows international students to spend a semester or full academic year in America attending a public high school and living as an American teenager.

Our international students are all between the ages of 15 and 18 upon arrival in the US and have a minimum of three years of English language studies with a B- or higher overall grade point average.  Students must also pass an English language proficiency exam.  CETUSA does all it can to ensure that students are academically well positioned for success during their exchange experience.

Before they begin their travel, students are assigned to fully vetted volunteer CETUSA host families.  The host families open their homes and invite our students to become a part of their daily life. Both students and host families pledge to uphold CETUSA Standards of Conduct which outline expectations.

Each student also has a local CETUSA Local Coordinator who supports the students and host families through every stage of their program.

Students arrive in the U.S. with health insurance and a monthly allowance from their natural parents for items like entertainment and toiletries.

Additional Program Activities

In addition to host family and coordinator planned activities, CETUSA has a partnership with Belo USA Travel.  Ask your coordinator for details.

Belo Travel USA

Belo USA Travel has put together travel tour opportunities for CETUSA students.  Destinations include Hawaii, New York, California and more!

Belo USA Travel has 15 years of expertise in organizing cultural programs for exchange students across the world. All tours are chaperoned, and each tour has a Belo USA Coordinator and Belo USA Monitor to ensure everything runs smoothly.