J-1 Program Testimonials

What participants had to say about….

…personal and professional development

“It really did build my character and enhanced my work ethic and value like I expected from the training program. I could also say that through this international experience, I have been offered high job positions both home and abroad.”Clevie, 23, Trainee, Saint Lucia, New York Program

“I was able to gain invaluable training and experience in a highly specialised subset of investing and was able to learn from uniquely talented individuals at the organization including my sponsor. The skill set I have acquired during the programme will help clearly distinguish and elevate my career back in the UK.”David, 35, New York Program

“[This program] has not only strengthened my desire to become a teacher but also very much helped me to become a better teacher. I have gained insights into a new way of teaching and conveying content and knowledge. I have had the chance not only to watch highly experienced colleagues in their classes but also to teach my own classes more and more independently.”Anna, 24, Germany, Secondary Education and Teaching Intern, Atlanta, Georgia

…what they found to be most applicable to their future successes

”Working under pressure. The [host company] taught me that quality must never be sacrificed for speed, nor speed for quality. The two work hand-in-hand… [they] built my team spirit. Never have I worked with a company that has strong team ethics. It showed me how working collaboratively realizes effective and innovative solutions and enables that delivery in due time… [and]how to adapt. Adapting to the environment, the season and consumer likes, dislikes, age group and other factors enables the creation of a rather successful menu.”Clevie, 23, Trainee, Saint Lucia, New York Program

“This internship made me strong in all aspects. I have learned to become independent. This internship help[ed] me to know myself more and to connect with people with different cultures.”Aiko, 26, Miami Beach Program

“I learned to be independent, to handle stressful situations and resolve them, and to work with other in a team environment which I believe is the most important moving on with my career…”Anna, 22, Philippines, Hotel and Restaurant Management Program, Miami Beach, Florida

…difficulties and how to best overcome them

“I never encountered difficult situations because my colleagues and my managers are always there to help me.”Aiko, 26, Miami Beach Program

“I thought that the most difficult part would be the first week, as it was my first time working overseas. I was expected to face some language issues (and, maybe, cultural). Although, in fact, everything went very smoothly, as everybody was very kind and polite, so I was in freedom to ask and re-ask questions, if I did not get something, This is what helped me to go through most difficult first week.”Danila, 25, Trainee, Russia, Atlanta Program

“Training wise, nothing was too difficult. It’s a learning process, you do things for the first time, it doesn’t work out, you do it over again, again and again until you perfect it. ”Clevie, 23, Trainee, Saint Lucia, New York Program

… how successful they were in achieving their personal goals and objectives

“This experience was above and beyond. There is nothing more that could have been done to make it any more successful that it is. I learned tremendously from very successful, knowledgeable and innovative chefs who constantly changed the menus, maximizing the learning potential during my time at the [host company].”Clevie, 23, Trainee, Saint Lucia, New York Program

“The project set out to build a charge scheduling system for electric vehicles to charge during the non-peak hours and help save customers money on utility bills. The project was completed on time and is currently being tested with 10 active field test participants across the US.”Siddarth, 25, Engineering design Intern, India, California Program

“The main goals were to learn the manufacturing process and to improve the production efficiency in the departments I had been working. Even if 6 months is a relatively short period, I had a very profitable experience and the chance to be involved actively in many challenging projects.”Alessio, 31, Italy, California Program

… experiences that influenced their perception of American culture

“America has such a diverse culture due to demographic diversities; racial and ethnic differences. In that way, I learn to accept, tolerate and gain moral understanding with different nationalities. I also believe that each US state has their own type of lifestyle. New York is known for opportunities, you find people are working more than the average American, you go to Florida, you find people are having fun everyday like summer never ends. I believe what makes New York the best city in the world is that it is continually being shaped by multicultural and multinational citizens from all over the globe.Clevie, 23, Trainee, Saint Lucia, New York Program

“The program was a balanced and consistently intensive introduction to US politics, policy research and life in general. Almost every experience I had from my daily work and sharing a house with American students to lectures and museum trips helped me better understand America.”Dmitry, 27, Russia, Public administration and law program, Washington DC

“America is an immigrant country, thus there are a variety of customs, culture and religion. Everyone respects everyone’s culture and its practices. It taught me to have a global mindset.”Airi, 26, Japan, International Relations and Economics/Real estate business development program, New York

…moments during their programs they consider special

“Being in NY for a year alone was a blessing to me this year. Being able to volunteer at the marathon, give back to charity, travel and meet great people, seeing NY inside out via land and sea tours are all special moments worth telling.”Clevie Henry, 23, Trainee, Saint Lucia, New York Program

“I would share the story of Grand Circle tour… Our itinerary included 11 destinations- Zion, Bryce, Arches, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Petrified Forest, Walnut, Grand Canyon, Horshoe Belt, Lake Powel, Antelope Canyon. I will highly recommend… magnificent views and extraordinary geological features of the national parks.”Maiko Moriya

It is not just a moment. It is my first NBA, NFL and MLB games. My first Thanksgiving, my first homecoming at the University of Cincinnati! It was a lot of things!”Simon Ouvrard, 24, France, Ohio Program

“For me, the entire time has been one special experience. I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world and got the chance to work at one of the best schools, Being surrounded by international friends and living in a modern big city like Atlanta has helped me grow up and opened my mind in many different ways. It has encouraged me to set new goals for my personal future and for my future career as well. It has shown me how connected out world is and how much we can all benefit from that and has also awakened the interest in me to further explore the world.”Anna, 24, Germany, Secondary Education and Teaching Intern, Atlanta, Georgia

“There is never a dull moment while I was on my internship. The friends that I made and the places that I have visited will always be very dear to my heart.”Anna, 22, Philippines, Hotel and Restaurant Management Program, Miami Beach, Florida

…their experience with CETUSA as a sponsor

“CETUSA has consistently answered questions of concern and conducted monthly check ups, all which made choosing them as my sponsor very valuable. They did a tremendously great job and I could not have asked for a better sponsor. I am forever grateful for this placement facilitating my learning experience.”Clevie, 23, Trainee, Saint Lucia, New York Program

“I am very satisfied with CETUSA as my sponsor because they have provided me an internship that has been very challenging and at the same time very worthwhile. I gained very valuable experience in my chosen field that will help me in future employments.”Anna, 22, Philippines, Hotel and Restaurant Management Program, Miami Beach, Florida

I am incredibly thankful that CETUSA helped to make all of this happen. On top of that the constant contact through monthly reviews made me feel like I could always ask for help if there was ever a problem… I could not be more satisfied with my sponsor.”Sebastian, 24, Germany, Computer Science and Media Program, Santa Barbara, California

“I would definitely recommend J-1 program to my friends and, moreover, I’m glad that one of my friends has already decided to try J-1 program.”David, 35, UK, New York Program

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