CETUSA Student of the Week (4/11/16): Clara from Denmark

student of week 4-11-16 clara 3

Clara has been an exemplary student maintaining straight A’s. She has been involved in school sports participating in tennis and soccer. She has made lots of lasting friendships and has traveled to North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula.

She has grown to love American Football. One of her favorite memories is sitting in the student section at the football games participating in school and team spirit.  She really enjoyed people dressing up as cows and hot dogs at the game.  She enjoyed cheering on their team to lead them to victory. The half time show with pom squad and the parade were also some of her favorite memories during the football season. She also enjoyed riding the yellow school bus. The school activities have been a new experience for her; in her home country they do not have sports, lockers, or a school cafeteria. Another thing that Clara enjoys is mac and cheese and eats it every chance she gets. It’s a food that she doesn’t have in her natural country but her host mother will keep it supplied for her.

Clara said she has the most amazing host family and is happy to have these memories of her time in America. She feels they are a perfect fit and she loves her two year old sister. She also has a close relationship with her host mom and feels she can share everything with her, and is close with her host cousin. They do everything together along with her friends. They go shopping, to movies, on road trips, laugh, tell stories, dine out, and have sleepovers.

Clara’s host mom also feels that she has been a perfect fit for their family. Her host mom thinks she is an amazing young lady, easy going, funny, helpful, and participates in every family activity. She is not afraid to try new experiences and has really embraced her year here. Her host mom feels like she has always been a part of their family and their home is her “home away from home.

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