CETUSA Student of the Week (1/18) – Louise from Denmark!

“Louise won the hearts of her host family the moment she stepped off the plane and handed her four young new siblings (ages 10, 8, 5 and 2.5) cool LEGO toys from Denmark.  Some exchange students would be put off by so many youngsters in the house, but not Louise.  She doesn’t just tolerate the children, she loves them and plays with them.  She has an especially close relationship with Nolan, age 5.  Louise also gets along great with her host mom, Karli, who is fun and active and loves theater, just like Louise.  They have a close bond and recently had a fun grown-up girls’ manicure date.
Louise 2
Louise and two of her host siblings.
Host dad Nick was wondering how to develop a closer relationship with Louise, who spends more time with the kids and host mom because Nick works all day.  Nick invited Louise to a daddy-daughter activity at the church, a little hesitant because Louise lost her father when she was only 3.  It turned out to be a turning point in their relationship, and Nick has become more of a father figure for Louise.
Louise 1
The Winters family in Wonderland
As for Christmas break, Louise was super sick with the flu for the first 10 days.  But that didn’t keep her from watching the kids open presents Christmas morning or Skyping with her family the 24th and 25th (or even driving to Utah for a week!).  On Christmas Eve, Louise’s family in Denmark opened presents (while Skyping) from the Winters, and on Christmas Day, the Winters opened presents from Louise’s family (Skype). Louse and the Winters also love to travel together.  They’ve been to the beach, the mountain, and recently to Utah for snow and time with extended family.  They are even going on a Caribbean cruise together this spring! One of the most perfect matches ever, between an amazing girl and an amazing host family.  Also proof that you do not need teenagers to be a great host family!” — Erin, CETUSA Coordinator, North Plains, OR

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