CETUSA Trainee and Intern Participants Make Pizza!

Ghanimel winner

In honor of National Pizza Month (October), CETUSA held a fun challenge for our participants. We challenged them to create their own pizza and send us a picture including the story behind their tasty creation. We received some great pictures and stories. Everyone who made a pizza and submitted a picture was entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card to Papa John’s Pizza. The winner is Ghanimel Alocilja! He is from the Philippines and made Chicken Curry Pizza—he wanted to blend sweetness with a little bit of spicy. Congratulations Ghanimel! For some of our participants, this was their first time making pizza! For others, they shared their pizza with friends. Thank you to all who participated, and stay tuned for our next “cultural” contest!

Ghanimel winner

“I am Ghan, a trainee of the Starving Rooster in Minot ND. And here is my pizza. As an Asian from the Philippines I made Chicken Curry Pizza where someone can taste the blend of sweetness and a little bit of spicy.”




Jong Wan Hong South Korea

“This picture is the first pizza hand made by myself!! I followed the recipe on internet and used an oven. It was very easy. And taste was also goooooooood! And I uploaded this picture on my Instagram account. 🙂 I’m really happy!” – Jong Wan Hong  South Korea




Ronja Scholz Germany

“So, this is a really traditional German autumn dish. You might not call it a classic Pizza, but in fact it is quite the same. It’s a yeast dough (here I used whole wheat) and you put on it basically onions and whatever you want. Traditionally bacon, but I spared this for my vegetarian friends.




Ronja Scholz Germany2The 2nd pic is from my roof, where we shortly after enjoyed it with some white wine.
And what other Pizza can be devoured with that splendid view over Manhattan.” – Ronja Scholz Germany




Minoru Murakami Japan

“I made a pizza in Japanese style. Bacon, onions, soy sauce, mayo, and sliced dried Bonito cheese inside. Soy sauce and mayo with cheese is a pretty tasty harmony! My wife and I moved to the US together to do a training program. My wife had never made a pizza by herself. This was her first time to make a pizza. Actually, pizza is one of my favorite foods. The shapes and details were not so good, but the taste was soooo gooood! These pizzas are No. 1 pizza in the world for me.



Minoru Murakami Japan2

Pizza and beer are a pretty good combination obviously. Pizza + Beer + a little flower + families and friends = Priceless.” – Minoru Murakami  Japan





Qing Zhang

“This is the pizza that my best friend and I made together. It is not horrible or creative but memorable enough to see our friendship and the life in New York City. So I will keep it forever.” – Qing Zhang

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