A Fun Fall Day

Last week, CETUSA’s activity coordinator, Jessica Skluzacek, organized cultural activities with some of our Applebee’s participants in Bismarck. Since fall has begun and it’s close to Halloween, they thought of pumpkins. So Jessica and the five participants, Cyryll, Adam, Louise, Gifford, and Zhongling, headed to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch – voted one of the top 10 pumpkin patches in the country, according to a Travel Channel poll. As soon as the participants got out of town they were all pleasantly surprised with the change in landscape. The pretty hills and many trees that were turning colors were nice for them to see. Everything at the pumpkin patch was new to the participants, like the trail ride they went on, the corn maze, and the Clydesdale horses and ponies. Jessica even had to explain what a pony was! After the pumpkin patch, Jessica took them to Riverside Park, which is where the Lewis and Clark Riverboat is kept. There is a replica of the real boat, bald eagle sculptures, and a dock to stand over the Missouri River. Jessica explained to them all about the Lewis and Clark expedition and why it was so important to the settlement of the Bismarck area.
jessica and participants
Jessica and the participants enjoy a day full of fall activities
The group then ended the day with a reasonable Chinese buffet at the participants’ request. The family who owns the restaurant comes from the same part of China as Zhongling. Everyone loved the food and Zhongling got to speak with the family for some time. It was an interesting day and everybody had a great time on the trip. Not only did the participants learn about American culture and what the Bismarck area has to offer, but Jessica also got to learn about the participants, where they come from, and what their culture is like. She learned that the participants like to hang out with each other in their free time and like to go to a local sports bar to play pool. Later on in the program, they would like to see some sports games as they realize it is a huge American pastime. Jessica may now have an idea for a cultural activity next time.

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