Interview with CETUSA Exchange Coordinator Cathy French

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As the exchange coordinator, what are some examples of what exactly you do?

I ensure the maintenance of a high quality exchange by supervising the exchange student, host family and school, meet with students monthly to discuss grades and important issues about the exchange, and host a social event each month where we do things like laser tag, or ice skating.

How do students in other countries become exchange students at MHS?

Foreign students sign up with an exchange agency in their natural country who may place them with CETUSA. From there, host families for MHS can search through my available students and find perfect fits for their family. Families can search by common interests in sports, hobbies, religion, careers and more!

Are there any special requirements to become an exchange student at MHS, for example, having certain test scores, or marks in school?

CETUSA has some of the strictest requirements for their students. They must have a minimum English test score, a grade average B- or higher and go through an oral interview to be accepted.

How do you choose the families that host exchange students? What requirements are there for someone that wants to house a foreign exchange student?

All types of families can be good hosts! Single parent homes, empty nesters and retirees, traditional families. Host families must pass a criminal background check, supply references, and have a clean, loving home.

What do you look for in a host family in order to match them with a certain student?

I look for families who have a desire to learn about other cultures and want to enrich their lives with this experience! The word “exchange” means that both the student and host family want to learn about each other and end up with a forever relationship!

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  1. Patricia Snider says:

    We have hosted many exchange students. We would only ever host through CETUSA, they are a high quality organization with very good students.

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