Please, Stay in Touch!

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When you have an exchange student they become part of your family.  As a father, you even get the same “fatherly” type feelings that come naturally.  You have a natural desire to protect them and always look out for them.  They really become one of your own.  Then you take them to the airport one day, say goodbye, and send them home. It rips your heart out.  The time you get to spend with them though, is so worth it.  Tonight we sent our Valentina home.  The only regret I can think of with her is that we didn’t have her for longer.  We had her brother two years ago too.  Wonderful kids that I’m very thankful to be able to say are a part of my life.  Their parents should be very proud.  They did a great job raising them.  We now have kids all over the world, and we’re blessed to know them all.

So, to our kids in Brazil, Norway, South Korea, Vietnam, and anyone I might have missed…thank you for the memories, and, please, stay in touch.

What a great program, I feel truly blessed!

CETUSA Host Parent

Fremont, Michigan

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