Student of the Week (4/25/16): Marie from Denmark!

Marie from Denmark 4-25-16

Marie has dreamed of becoming an exchange student since 7th grade. She also hopes to become a lawyer one day!  She likes going to the movies, sailing and tennis.

Marie’s Host Family says, “Marie is our lil spit fire. She is just the sweetest girl and we are so proud of her; she will be going to Regionals soon in College Station. She is just a nice girl to be around.”

Marie says, “Becoming an exchange student was probably the best idea I’ve ever had.  I’ve made so many friends and memories and I’m sure some of them will last for a lifetime.  Of course there are some hard times, but it is all worth it!  I have an amazing supporting family back home and I’ve been lucky enough to get a host family that I love!  They make sure to do everything possible for me to have a good time.  Every day after school I play a couple of hours of tennis and I have a really good coach and team.  I am lucky enough to get the chance to go to Regionals and I absolutely can’t wait!” 

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