Student of the Week (5/23/16): Liz from China!

Liz SOW 5.23.16

Liz has enjoyed the variety of food and restaurants as she thought the U.S. only had hamburger and fry places. She especially enjoyed going to Colorado and says Minnesota and the Mall of America was “super fun!” Her classmates are super sweet and she was happy to try basketball and track since sports aren’t a part of schools in China. She took a weight lifting class and worked her way up and is much stronger now. She enjoys the American version of Chinese food although it is very different. She has been able to view the stars and watch lightning storms which she usually does not see back home.

Her host family says, “This is our second year hosting and our third student. I am always amazed at how quickly the students adjust to life in the States. Liz has been a gem from day one. She is always happy and adaptable to every situation. Even though she didn’t get much time playing on the basketball team, she continued to go to every game and practice, even when it came to finals and she was technically done. All of her teachers say good things about her and she even finished her Algebra 2 class two weeks early!”

“She received an art award along with a medal and certificate. She has fit in well with our family and has been loved by our extended family. We will miss her sense of humor, smile, and positive attitude when she goes back home, but we hope to visit her in China someday. Nothing can replace the experience and memories we will hold forever!”

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