Student of the Week (6.20.16): Ian from South Korea!

Ian from South Korea

Congratulations to our Student of the Week, Ian from South Korea!

Ian is such a huge asset to our family. Having three young children in the home can be challenging for teens, but Ian has been amazing with each of them. He plays and reads and laughs with them. He does anything that we ever ask of him, including being the only teen willing to dress up in a dog suit and play with the kids at our church Easter Egg Hunt. He has always put family first, choosing to make family time a priority over friends. Having him here with us has improved our quality of life and I can only hope that he has enjoyed his time here with us as much as we have enjoyed our time with him. He played soccer and basketball this year, and watching him has been so much fun. He is just the greatest!

Ian says his favorite memory from his time here was when they went on a cruise because he had never been on one before.

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