Student of the Week (7.18.16): Johanna from Germany!

Johanna from Germany 7.18.16

This is our second experience hosting an exchange student and I can tell you one thing; my family and I don’t even think of her as an exchange student! Johanna has a one of a kind personality, she is not afraid of anything. Since day one she has been motivated and excited to integrate herself into the American culture. According to her host mom, “she joined right into the family as if she has always been a part of our family.”


Even before Johanna arrived in the United States, she was motivated to participate in both marching band and swimming. Although the school schedule would only allow her to participate in one, she chose swimming and succeeded to earn her varsity letter. Johanna has kept good grades while participating in school and family activities and she has made friends easily with both American and fellow exchange students. We have made many memories traveling throughout the United States. As Johanna would say, “all I need is food, shoes, and shopping.” Our family has now expanded over to Germany, and we are looking forward to lifelong memories.


Johanna says, “I am really enjoying my life here in Mt. Pleasant. My host family has become my American family. When I was in Germany I never expected to travel and see so much of the United States! For example, my host family took me to the U.P. as well as to Florida. In school and in clubs I made a lot of close friends and learned about the American High School Spirit. My friends in school and my host family have always helped me, for example, on the first day of school, my host sister showed me where the rooms for my classes were and even how to open my locker. I always had somebody to talk to and thanks to all of these people I didn’t really get homesick at all during my ten months. My host family and I did a lot of fun things together and it’s hard to pick a favorite memory, but if I had to pick one, it would be that my host family and I got into several water fights. We would dump full bottles of water on each other’s heads, even inside the house!

Congratulations, Johanna!

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