Students of the Week (4/18/16): Elena from Spain & Stine from Denmark


Stine and Elena

Tim and Jan Moore are first time host parents and had no idea what a great adventure hosting would be until they met Elena from Spain and Stine from Denmark. “Both girls fit in to our family like they have been here their whole life,” says Jan.

I am nominating them today because they are an outstanding example of what every host family hopes for in an exchange experience!  I have had the opportunity to interact with both girls and they are truly great young women.  Here are a few things their host parents and I have to say about them:

  • “They are respectful, polite, kind and interact with everyone they meet. We could not have asked for better girls.”
  • The host family lives on a farm in a rural area and both girls are from the city. They have never complained and have literally jumped in with both feet and explored everything that farm life has to offer.
  • They are active in their school and extracurricular activities participating in cross country, basketball and track.
  • “Each and every time I have asked them to do a chore they have done so with a happy heart and willingness to learn new things.”
  • They both “love learning and work very hard in school (I am so impressed at how hard they study) they have a heart to get good grades and study every night and there report cards show that.”

The one thing I hear over and over about Elena and Stine is how great their hearts are – it isn’t just one thing they have done but a consistent desire to thrive in their experience, love their host family, and immerse themselves in every piece of their host family’s lives, their community, and their school.

With just a few months left in their exchange, Elena, Stine, and their host family are starting to think about their departure.  “I am sure that when they leave here to go back home, we will continue to be family”.  And what a perfect way to end their adventure!

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