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Hello everyone! The Training and Internship program recently asked participants to send photos of the view from their home country window versus their window in the United States. As mentioned in the March Monthly Check In sent to the participants, please find the pictures attached of all the people who sent us photos. For those of you who submitted these, thank you again. We hope you enjoy these pictures!
Mr. Strubel – “This is the view out of the window from my lab of the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. In front there are the Torrey Pines golf course with the ocean behind.”
Ms. Prieto – “This is what it looks like in Colorado now! Loving the snow!”
Mr. Kopuz – “My (home) Istanbul office view and my (host) New York office view.”
Ms. Abrahan – “The first photo is from my home country, the Philippines, a very sunny day on our terrace. The second photo I took it outside my room (in Utah). It was very cold and the patio is covered in snow.”
Mr. Saito – “The first photo is the nearest station from my home in Japan. The second photo is 30 minutes away from my apartment in the Nevada desert.”
Mr. Maeda – A picture of Mariana blue – “I share the view outside my window this month (December). It is a subtropical climate in Saipan. Saipan is an island of everlasting summer. It is surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature.”
Ms. Kanno – “This is the view from my window (in Hawaii).”
Ms. Kinoshita – “The first picture is the view outside (California) this month (December). The second is a photo of the view in my country this month (December).”
Ms. Kim – “Unfortunately the place where I live is not snowing. However, I recently went to the village of Santa and it was beautifully decorated with lights on the street.”
Ms. Akimoto – “This is a house near to my house (in California); I love the sunset and sky through the frame of the house.”
Ms. Realpe – “This is the National Park, near where I live in Colorado and the second one is a picture of my city in Colombia.”
Mr. Tatemoto – “This is a photo of the view outside my window this month (December).”
Mr. Suzuki – “The first is the view from a window of my new house (California) and the second is the view of my house in my hometown (in Japan) in summer.”
Mr. Shinohara – He is training in Guam – “Guam is not cold in the winter season, so we wear a T-shirt during every season. The second picture is Kyoto, Japan in November.”
Ms. Murillo Ballen – The first picture is a view from her host company in Colorado. The second is the view from her home country, Colombia.
Ms. Terhorst – “Here is the view out of my window in Michigan!”
Mr. Arago – “Here’s one of the photos of our place.” In Washington state.
Ms. Mejia – “This is the view from outside my building.” In Colorado.
Mr. Tamanoi – The first is a picture from his window in California (in December) and the second is the view from his home country, Japan.
Mr. Esteras – The first picture is from New York, the second is from his home country in Canada.
Mr. Wojton – During the holiday season, Mr. Wojton visited Florida and shared these pictures – very different from his home country Poland!
Ms. Encarnacion – “The view outside the dorm. I was so happy to play with the snow (it’s my first snow, my first winter!)” She is from the Philippines completing her training in Colorado.
Ms. Sumida – “This is my room view!! Guam is so hot” She is from Japan.
Ms. Watanabe – She is from Japan, doing her training in Hawaii. For the first picture, she commented that “Hawaii is so comfortable, like heaven!!” For the second picture, taken in Japan, she said that “It’s been 54 years since it snowed last in Tokyo in November (2016). Unbelievable! Normally we can see snow in January or later.”
Mr. Monis – He is from the Philippines, completing his training in North Dakota. He wrote that “We did enjoy the first snowfall here… It’s fun and we are craving for more.”
Ms. Agoncillo – She is from the Philippines. The first picture is of her home country, the second is near to where she is completing her training in Utah.
A participant from Japan is training in Guam. The first picture is her view in Guam, the second her view in Japan.
Ms. Bolivar Botero – She is from Colombia and this is the view outside her window in California.
Ms. Takamatsu – She is from Japan, training in Hawaii. Here is a picture of her view in December 2016.
Ms. Vasileva – She is from Russia, training in New York. Here is the view from her host company.
Ms. Sabellina – She is from the Philippines, completing her training in Colorado. This is her view in Colorado.
Mr. Inoue – He is from Japan completing his training in Hawaii. He took this photo on December 12 and wrote “It was a sunny day. No snow in Hawaii!”
Ms. Mapili – She is from the Philippines, completing her training in California. This is her view in California, and she wrote that “It’s a quiet place, you can’t see any people outside their house. But we’re near a park, sometimes we watch the kids playing soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and tennis there.”
Ms. Hoshino – She is from Japan, training in California. This picture is from California.
Ms. Mase – She is from Japan, training in California. This is the view outside of her host company.
Mr. Li – He is from China, training in Tennessee. Here is a picture of his host company.

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