This is why I love CETUSA!

Clara feature photo

I have been working with CETUSA and international student exchange since May 2007.  I wanted to share a recent experience as just one example of why I love CETUSA!

11953426_10153530704288349_4851635111816691630_oClara was an exchange student two years ago with a great host family in Greenville, MI.

11951581_10153530691763349_2876417955142029849_oI loved visiting her in Denmark last year, and

11145084_10153530690863349_1201453474328196163_oI was able to give her the biggest hug at the Danish Festival this year!! (The T-shirt I’m wearing I bought during my visit last year!) This is exactly why I love being a part of CETUSA and the exchange student process…A true exchange of cultures and lifelong relationships!!!! Love you Clara!!! Also, a special shout out to Nels Peter Hansen and all of the other people who put so much work into a festival that draws people from all over the world!

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